Note: ForumRomanum provides the technical infrastructure for the operator of these websites (forum, blog, website, gallery, directory etc.).

The operator of the respective site is responsible for the content and not ForumRomanum as a technical service provider. In the case of problems or questions concerning the content, please contact the operator of the respective website!

For the execution of this service ForumRomanum processes also personal data of the users as required. The process of these data takes place in the system of ForumRomaum in accordance to the following private policy and data protection.

Private Policy and Data Protection at ForumRomanum


ForumRomanum takes the protection of personal data very seriously and is constantly striving to improve its standards accordingly. Please read the following information carefully:

1. Collection, Storage and Processing of Personal Data

ForumRomanum collects and stores permanent personal data as required for the execution of the service. Permanent data are for example: name, email address and postal address of the user, as well as other input data generated by him in his personal profile and in other services.

ForumRomanum stores in connection with user generated input data the following additional data:

a) a unique numerical code (PIN)
b) the user’s IP address
c) technical information concerning his browser (browser version, screen resolution, client, etc.)
d) PartnerID (if recruited by another user)
e) Date and time stamp of and according to his activities
f) Websites visited
g) Referer (websites from which the user reached ForumRomanum)

The user can select a personal pseudonym. The pseudonym should enable no conclusions as the person of the user (name, address, etc.). The user consents to the unrestricted use of his pseudonym within the system of ForumRomanum (e.g. for the marking of contributions, entries in members’ lists, etc.).

No persons under the age of 18 years may transmit personal data to ForumRomanum without the prior approval of their parents or legal guardian.

The user declares herewith his express consent to the collection, storage and processing of his personal data through ForumRomanum.

2. Purposes of the Collection, Use and Storage of Data

a) Personal Information / Profile / Use of Services

ForumRomanum stores these data in order to enable the exchange of information, opinions and messages within the ForumRomanum Community. The user`s personally entered information appears, insofar as he has published it, in his personal profile, as well as in other chosen services (forum, blog, gallery, guest book).

The information entered by the user (e.g. forum contributions, photographs, private messages) is stored by ForumRomanum in order to make it available to the intended recipients (general public, private groups, individuals).

All user activities concerning the input of new information into the system, in particular the transmission of messages or contributions and the storage of photographs, involve the storage of his PIN, pseudomyn and IP. Website visits are recorded in order to inform other users of his whereabouts (e.g. for the functions “who is online?” or “who has visited my profile?”).

b) PIN

The PIN serves the precise identification of individual profiles and is necessary for the appropriate electronic processing of the data.

c) Email Address

The storage of the email address serves the identification of and the direct communication with the user, as well as the possibility to inform him about current improvements at ForumRomanum. Using his email address, he can also activate further functions, e.g. the automated transmission of contributions or a renewed depatch of his password.

d) Account Data

The user can order addition services at ForumRomanum at his own expense. The required account information is essential for the correct administration and invoicing of chargeable services.

e) IP Address / Date and Time Stamp

ForumRomanum stores the IP address, the date and the time, in order to be able to guarantee the pursuit of perpetrators of legal injuries through police or similar responsible authorities or other organs of law and order. Every internet user receives an IP address from his internet provider as soon as his computer is connected with the internet. An internet provider can identify an internet user in connection with the date, time and IP address. ForumRomanum has no possibility to determine the user´s personal data via the IP address.

A user´s IP address, date and time stamp are automatically stored in connection with every server activity, in particular the transmission of messages, reading or writing contributions and the storage of photographs.

f) Behavioural Statistics

ForumRomanum carries out internal investigations in respect of the demography, interests and the behavior of the users. In this connection, ForumRomanum stores details of the pages visited by the user, together with his IP address plus date and time, as well as the technical data transmitted by his browser. These data (in particular IP address, date, time, visited pages und referer) are evaluated for statistical purposes only.

The user consents expressly to the evaluation of these data for the purpose of defining targeted web advertising.

g) Search Engines / Digital Archives

The publicly accessable information stored at ForumRomanum (e.g. forum contributions, pictures, profiles, etc.) can also appear in search engines, link lists and other digital archives. Before publication, therefore, of personal details or similar, you should carefully review all personal entries, commentaries and other remarks not intended for a general public.

The user declares herewith his express consent to the collection, storage and processing of his personal data through ForumRomanum.

3. Information via Email

The user consents to the use of his personal data (email address) in order to receive essential information (e.g. changes to the Conditions of Use and/or other important communications) via email. He can unsubscribe at any time.

4. Communication of Personal Data to a Third Party

A transmission of personal data to a third party occurs only if necessary within the framework of the execution of the service or defined or permitted through a legal requirement. A sale of addresses or personal data does not take place at any time.

As far as not specifically marked (e.g. name, address, password, email address), stored user information (e.g. forum contributions, commentaries, profiles, etc.) is publicly accessibly at all times and can be openly found on the ForumRomanum platform. This information may also be listed, sought and/or viewed via internal and external search engines and other digital archives. The user agrees expressly, that these data may be made accessable on the ForumRomanum website and that they may be used for and by search engines and other online archives.

In particular, the user consents to the transmission of his personal data if he makes such personal data within the restricted user area (e.g. his profile) or publicly (e.g. in forums, blogs, galleries) accessable to others or requests or authorizes ForumRomanum to do so (e.g. via the delivery of private messages, the generation of contributions, photographs, profiles).

ForumRomanum is authorizeded to transmit the user´s pseudonym to other users to enable a personal exchange of messages and information between the users. The transmission of the pseudonym may also include details of the user´s visited websites (e.g. "who is online?", "who has visited my profile?"). In particular his contributions (postings in forums, stored photographs, etc.) wll be marked with his pseudonym.

The user consents to the use of his personal data (name, address, email address, PIN, pseudonym) in connection with payments and payment collection processes.

The user consents to the use of publicly available information for presentation, publication, press, wireless and other broadcast purposes.This applies in particular to stored pictorial and sound data.

To enable his participation in the communites, ForumRomanum ist authorized to transmit the user´s personal data (email address, date, time stamp and IP address) to the communities operator.

In a case of suspicion of illegal misuse, the user consents to the transmission of his IP address and other personal data to legal organs, the police or to a third party, provided that this third party has made a legal injury of his interests valid. The user consents to the transmission of the data through ForumRomanum.

The user consents expressly to such possible transmission of his personal data.

5. Update or Deletion of Personal Data through the User

The user may view, change or delete his personal data at any time.

6. Use of Cookies

The provision of services uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files which are temporarily stored on the user´s computer.

Cookies may contain a user-ID, an encoded password, the date of the last visit and a tracking-ID. They enable a higher degree of user friendliness. A registered user is more quickly recognizable, in order to accelerate his access to the personal user area. The utilization of the services may however alternatively take place without cookies. The user may deactivate and optionally delete cookies via his browser settings.

Advertising is frequently placed on ForumRomanum by outside firms or agencies. In such cases, cookies may be used without prior warning.

7. Deletion of Personal Data / Termination of Membership

The user may delete his personal information at any time via the deletion of his forums or his private account. Community operators access their forum unter using their regular access data and delete the forum under “More Tools”, registered users directly following login to the forum under “My Account -> Settings”.

The information published by the user (e.g. forum contributions, stored photographs) will not be automatically deleted through the cancellation of his private account (registered name). Important: If these data are not intended for further storage, they must be individually deleted prior to deletion of the user account.

Depending upon the past use of the account, invoicing data remain stored. IP address, date and time of the user´s activities are also stored, in order to enable pursuit in case of illegal misuse.

8. Revocation of Consent

The user may revoke his consent to the utilization, processing and transmission of permanent personal data in respect of their future use at any time.

The revocation may be induced through deletion of his account or forum. The revocation can also follow in writing or per email ( A revocation is equivalent to a notice of termination of membership and is therefore valid only in accordance with Position 7 as above.

9. Instructions to Update or Delete your Personal Data

Within his restricted member´s area, the user may view, change or delete his personal data at any time. In addition and always provided that he can identify himself sufficiently, he can instruct our support team to view, change or delete his personal data in his interest. If you have any questions concerning your personal data, contact us via email (

10. Links to other Websites

Our online platform may contain links to other websites. We have no means to influence the operators of other websites concerning their compliance with legal requirements and/or the protection of privacy.

11. Data Protection Technical Process

ForumRomanum takes the protection of personal data very seriously. Data are stored within a technically and physically isolated computer centre. Where possible, all data are stored in coded form. Particularly sensitive data are additionally protected via SSL Coding

12. Data Protection Agent

Due to the continuous and rapid development of the internet, we must regularly adapt our Privacy Policy to keep pace. Please refer to these rules at regular intervals.

If you have any questions concerning our Private Policy and the protection of your personal data, please feel free to contact our Data Protection Agent via email at any time (

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